We are a membership health care program. We help U.S. benefactors provide for the health care of loved ones in Haiti.

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Our Haitian partner clinics enjoy the benefits of tools, technology and support.

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Our non-profit arm connects U.S. volunteer medical providers with Haitian doctors and clinics.



We partner with committed doctors in Haiti who are dedicated to providing world-class services to your family and friends. These doctors are supported by the SPARK Health Inc. quality improvement committee comprising healthcare professionals that ensure the important program components listed below. 

Reputable Doctors Who Give Quality Care

Our partner doctors are held to high and measurable standards. They participate in continued medical education to keep abreast of developments in their field and to provide quality healthcare to all  patients. 

A Continually Expanding Network of Providers

SPARK Health Inc. seeks to continually expand our network of carefully selected providers who care for patients–including your loved ones–across all departments of Haiti. 

Comprehensive Assessments

Comprehensive medical assessments ensure early detection of disease. They also provide a base for informed diagnoses of existing conditions.  As such, medical assessments are a pillar of our program that give peace of mind to benefactors providing for the health care of their loved ones.

Laboratory Services

Participants in SPARK Health Inc.’s membership program enjoy access to a variety of diagnostic lab tests and quick access to reliable lab test results. 

Prescription Medications

Prescription medications are covered by SPARK Health Inc.’s membership plans. Whether your loved one has high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol or another condition, they will be able to manage any condition through access to prescription medications. 

Specialist Referrals

Not every condition or disease can be properly treated by a primary care doctor. Sometimes a specialist should be consulted. SPARK Health Inc. membership plans provide for this need, both in coverage and in locating a specialist for your loved one.   


SPARK Health Inc is a membership health care program. We help benefactors in the United States provide for the health care of their family and friends in Haiti through a network of carefully vetted partner clinics in Haiti. 


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