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6041 Kimberly Blvd., Suite L, North Lauderdale, FL 33068; Phone: 786-207-4788

Coupet Quality Clinic

Coupet Quality Clinic is SPARK Health, Inc.’s flagship U.S. clinic serving the people of North Lauderdale, Florida, and surrounding communities. It is a basic health care services facility that operates within a Direct Primary Care model of business.

The Direct Primary Care model reduces the need for and expense of traditional health insurance. When patients address their primary health needs at Coupet Quality Clinic, they only require health insurance for special procedures and catastrophic events or illnesses. Visit the clinic’s website for a fuller explanation of direct primary care versus health insurance and for more details about services and staff.

Dr. Sidney Coupet is the founding physician of Coupet Quality Clinic. Click here to see the staff and contributors who make Coupet Quality Clinic a place of possibility for access to quality health care for all. 

 Coupet Quality Clinic grand opening