January 7, 2016

SPARK Health, Inc., a Breakthrough for The Haitian Healthcare Trans-nationalism.

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Spark Health, Inc: What it Means for Families in Haiti

A Message from the CEO

For many years Haitians have left Haiti due to economic reasons with the intentions of remaining active and relevant in the life of their loved ones they left behind…

These Haitian people make up what we now know as the Haitian Diaspora, in which they continue to send assistance and support to their loved ones in Haiti.

Despite their efforts on sending support and assistance, the Haitian diaspora collectively has struggled to positively impact the health status of their families in Haiti.…

This is no longer the case:

SPARK Health, Inc. is providing the Haitian Diaspora an opportunity to keep their family in Haiti healthy, by investing in primary and preventive healthcare services.

We are excited about what the future holds for the communities that need further support than what is currently offered.

SPARK Health is committed to changing the healthcare landscape of Haiti by providing the Haitian Diaspora a tool by which this community can offer support easily and efficiently.