About Us


SPARK Health Inc is a U.S. conduit organization through which families, friends and interested persons may purchase memberships for health care for their loved ones in Haiti. It is not an insurance company. It works closely with a network of physician providers in Haiti who supply health care for the beneficiaries in the program. 

SPARK Health Inc is a global organization launching in Haiti with the future of similar programs in other countries around the world. 

Dr. Sidney Coupet is the founding physician and CEO of SPARK Health Inc. He is also the founder and lead physician of SPARK Health's private U.S. clinic (Coupet Quality Clinic in North Lauderdale, FL; see U.S. Private Clinics page) and Doctors United for Haiti, the non-profit branch of SPARK Health Inc (see Affiliates page).

Dr. Coupet is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician with a medical degree in Osteopathic Medicine and a Master's degree in Public Health. He is a first generation Haitian-American. He founded SPARK Health as a vehicle for U.S. Haitians to provide for the health care of their loved ones in Haiti.

Dr. Coupet stands for the possibility of access to quality health care for all people.

Our Mission

SPARK Health’s mission is access to quality healthcare services for all.  

Our Vision

SPARK Health’s vision is to increase access to quality primary and preventative health care services to people living in resource-poor countries by empowering their families in the United States to influence the delivery and coordination of these services.

Our Staff

SPARK Health’s U.S. staff is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It comprises a streamlined, efficient team of individuals that includes professionals in health care, education, technology, life coaching, marketing and information and systems management.