SPARK Health Inc Network Clinics Exist All Across Haiti
Clinic Physicians Provide Primary and Preventative Care
Enroll Your Loved Ones in a Health Care Membership Plan

Where Does Your Loved One Live?

Benefactors: Click the department on the map in which your loved one lives. You will be taken to our membership enrollment page where the department name will be automatically filled in on the registration form, guiding us in connecting your loved one to the right clinic.

About Network Doctors and Clinics

Our partner doctors are held to high and measurable standards. They participate in continued medical education to keep abreast of developments in their field and to provide quality healthcare to all of their patients. They are talented physicians who focus on bettering the Haiti health care system and providing world-class care to your loved ones. 

SPARK Health Inc. benefactors will receive regular updates from their loved ones’ health care providers, keeping them apprised of important information regarding the health status of their enrolled loved ones.

We Have Partner Clinics Across Haiti

Benefactors: Select the department below in which your loved one lives. When you click to enroll, you will be taken to a membership registration form which will be automatically filled in with your loved one's home department.